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Frank Zappa Radio – Better than a Telefunken U47!

For the Zappa fan you most likely already know that this free radio station exists on the Frank Zappa website, however, for many months (if not years) it has not been working.

The other day I decided to check out Zappa’s website and BEHOLD! Zappa radio is alive and well and full of great streaming audio.

Please take the time to check Zappa Radio out, it’s a must for the Zappa fan and since it strictly monitored and managed by the Zappa Family Trust, I’m sure there will be some rareties and special gems in the mix.  It is a great source of Zappa whilst you waste away 8 hours of your life at your mundane job and in your cubicle…er..”personal workspace”.  Grab a pair of heavy duty Zircron encrusted tweezers,  tune in to Zappa Radio, get “the Hrz on your nose”,  and rejoice!

To listen to the genius of The Central Scrutinizer click here and enjoy!

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