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Dada Web Radio

Sadly, these days the power-trio Dada is an rather obscure group to many, but in the late 1990’s Dada had a grip on the alternative music scene with their big hit Dizz Knee Land on their debut album Puzzle (1992).  Theycontinued to pump out solid albums afterwards with mild praise

Although Dada is still together (playing random shows from time to time primarily on the West Coast) they have always had a devoted fanbase who is always looking forward to a new tour or album (we continue to hold our breath). 

I saw these guys several times when I lived in Boston in the 90’s (at the now defunct Aerosmith founded Mama Kins and still active Paradise Rock Club); their shows were always tight and energetic, definitely a fun band to see when they came to town.
Per their website ( members have focused on solo side projects:  X Levitation Cult (bass player Joie Calio’s project) and Michael Gurley and the Nightcaps and Butterfly Jones (lead singer Michael Gurley and drummer Phil Leavitts partnered projects).  I have not heard Calio’s X Levitation Cult; but have heard Butterfly Jones and was fairly impressed. 
If you are not familiar with Dada’s albums, I would personally suggest El Subliminoso (2004) as an introductory album; it is one of my favorites.  You can currently pick it upon for about $4!!  Dada recently created a web radio station free for the masses, check it out.  It offers a variety of their more mellow songs from various albums but worth a listen ; click here to check them out.  The highlighted songs in the recent player list are I’m Feeling Nothing, Crumble, and Who You Are;  the other songs are mellow in comparision.
Let us know what you think of them.

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