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“Why?”-erless Streaming Media Blues

Ok, so it’s been about a month since I purchased a new LED/LCD KDL-NX800 Sony television; a gift to myself after replacing a 15 year old 27″ Sony WEGA.  One of the things that appealed me was the the new fangled built-in wireless internet features the television offered.  Many of the new televisions are offering the wonderment of streaming media from your home network PC or game system (PS3, Wii, or 36o to act as a “media server”); so far it’s been far from the “consistent” incredible experience I was looking forward to when I spent $1,300.  Are the features cool, yes, but consistentcy is main culprit.  Perhaps it is my wireless network set up, perhaps it is a band width issue, perhaps it is such new technology that it wasn’t well thought out or tested prior to its release, I really do not know. 

Just the other day I turned on my television to stream some classical music and noticed that all of my media icons had vanished.  Media icons such as Netflix, Yahoo, AnyPlay, Flixster, and others just did not appear any longer,  however, there was an icon that offered me to “refresh my internet content” and seemed reasonable to do so, but it didn’t refresh anything, well, other than my frustration and subtle feelings of buyers remorse.  Luckily after calling Sony support it appeared that the simple process of unplugging the television was all that was needed and that the “refresh internet content” was a nice way to make you feel that the television actually cared about you, but in reality it doesn’t.

Although all of my media icons reappeared and were working fine, it appeared that I lost access to my music library (but still had access to my photos and video library’s, strange?), and have been having trouble getting the television to acknowledge that it has access to stream those files.  One thing I have found frustrating with Windows Media Player 11 and its streaming feature is actually the act of getting it to, well, stream when I want it to on a regular basis.  Again, it walks  you through the steps all the while making you feel like you are making progress and it wants you to be successful, and then the buzzkill, nothing.

I’m not going to give up since it has worked in the past, but I’m starting to think they should call it “Why?”-erless streaming media, from my experience it still has many bugs to be worked out.

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