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The Who 50th Anniversary British Tour Print – Release today 2/4/15

sperry-The-Who-50th-Anniversary-British-TourJust a quick post about a very cool print being released today at random by artist Chuck Sperry.  The print is a silkscreen, signed and numbered to an edition size of 260.  I suppose the price is available during the release.  You can learn more by clicking this link –


Thank god for the “mute” button!

Here at HiFi Central we prepared gallon sized containers of French onion dip and mountains of munchies for the annual single largest male bonding event in America, da Supabowl!  Granted, I don’t like football on a regular basis but every year find myself drawn to this great American tradition.  Come to think about it, but nothing rivals it except Thanksgiving.

One of the main reasons I watch is for the half time show; often a stupid, over rehearsed,  over produced corny performance with canned music with cheezy costumes.  This years performance however “jumped the shark” in my opinion.  This year it was The Black Eyed Peas, not a band that I would personally choose for the half time show, but then again perhaps it was appropriate to keep the majority of viewers attention.  The visual effects in this years show were interesting and clearly hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of dollars were spent for this production.  A waste of money in a time of great need in America, but hey, that’s how we roll here in the US.  I wonder if China got a luxury suite for this game?

The performance by the group I thought was poor, and their costumes probably the goofiest thing I’ve seen yet.  The thing that killed it for me was the duo with legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and Fergie; the two performed a version of “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and it was a plane crash!  I reached for the mute button immediately and held my head in my hands and wept.  My wife leaned to me and said “I bet Axl is in disbelief, this is terrible!”

From the news on the web I am clearly not alone in noticing how poor the half time show was this year.  In past years U2 and The Who actually pulled off a decent show, but with last years performance by “the walking dead” er..The Rolling Stones I mean, it has been all down hill so far.  I hope that the organizers reflect on their decision and put a bit more thought about the quality of the performers they pair up next time.  Of course there was one comment at HiFi Central about wondering if a “wardrobe malfunction” may occur with Fergie, but no boob popped out.  Actually if that did occur I think I would be writing a completely different entry this morning and would have  made a truly rockin’ performance for sure!

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