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Trey @ The Palace 2/19/11 Download Available! has just made the 2/19/11 TAB show in Albany, NY show at The Palace Theater available on their site.  Check it out; sadly it would appear that the code on my ticket does not seem to be redeemable for a free download like much of what LivePhish offers for Phish concerts; perhaps this is either in the works or an oversight.  If you know, please give drop us an email if you have had any success.

Update: Per the folks at there are NO free downloads of with this TAB tour.  So, the code on your ticket stub means zilch!!! Such a bummer.

The show was simply incredible and if Trey is coming to your town AND you have tickets (cuz’ there ain’t no more left to git!) you will throughly enjoy yourself.

You can see this download and many others at


Trey Albany show sold out?

Er, if you were considering whether or not to purchase tickets for the February 18th show at The Palace  Theater in Albany, NY it may be too late.  It would appear that fellow Trey fans have made the decision for you, and tickets are no longer available.

 Just for the hell of it I decided to go on and try to purchase a ticket (although we here at HiFi Central already have our 5th row seats, yippeeee!) it came back as “tickets are currently unavailable” on their website, or in layman’s terms the show is most likely “sold out”.

There was a 5-day pre-sale on Trey’s website and I’m assuming that the remainder were gobbled up pretty quick once they became open to the general public.  The Palace is a great venue to see anyone live, especially since it is a rather cozy venue and a perfectly restored classic vaudeville theater. If you got your tickets good for you since it’s going to be a great show no doubt.  If you did not get your tickets, bummer, but like the Zappa Plays Zappa concert and others we have warned you well in advance about, heed our warnings and git’ dem’ tickets early!

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