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Kanye West Shirt

This may be the best shirt we’ve seen at Hi-Fi Central in long time.

Over the past year I have learned to despise this guy and his music (I still can’t get why his music has been so popular?); his behavior historically has shown the disgusting side of the arrogance and entitlement that fame can create.

I read recently that he was ashamed of his behavior at the MTV music awards when he took over the acceptance speech of newbie Taylor Swift and uttered the first words after grabbing her microphone “Imma’ let you finish”.  However, he was more ashamed about how that behavior affected his popularity rather than the act itself; again, my point about arrogance and narcissism associated with fame.  Keepin’ real all the time Kanye, eh?

Anyhoo, I thought the shirt was pretty classic and clever.

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