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Supergrass @ Ronnie Scotts – “Mary”

I thought that a week of Supergrass performances would be appropriate during my coping with their recent decision to break up. This version of “Mary” is very good, probably one of the most fun versions I’ve been able to find; again the sound quality is superb. I would love to know if bootlegs of these shows exist in MP3 or CD format. Let us know if you have it and hook us up here at HiFi Central.  Let the Supergrass tribute continue, enjoy!


Supergrass @ Somerset House 2005

I felt that a tribute to Supergrass was due; especially since they are officially breaking up for good.  This clip from a show at Somerset House (UK) is one of my favorites; would be great if anyone knows if a recording was made available to the general public; the sound quality is excellent. I will miss these guys greatly.


Supergrass…no more

It is a sad day in music with the recent news that the British group Supergrass will cease to exist after 17 years making wonderful music.  I’m stunned and dismayed mainly due to the fact that they have been working diligently on the much anticipated album Release Of The Drones; I guess this may not happen since there is no official word from the bands website.

The band will be performing 4 shows in the UK and Europe as farewell performances; a nice gesture but still very dissapointing.  A a formal farewell tour would be the least they could do for their fans; but perhaps they simply have reached a critical mass and feel ending it amicably rather than on the road is a better way to go.  I had a sneaking (and sinking) feeling that things were odd when lead singer Gaz Coombes and drummer Danny Goffey formed a side project called The Hot Rats, touring the globe whilst supposedly recording the new album. 

The bands website claims that “musical differences” lead to the decision to disband; but I’m thinking there is more to the story than just that; perhaps I’m still trying to cope with the concept of no more Supergrass albums.

If any of the members happen to come across this blog, please do respond in kind and consider a proper farewell tour for us US fans who are feeling rather deprived and are in mourning.

Makes one wonder “what went wrong”, eh?

If you are in the UK or France, get your tickets while they last…I’m sure these shows will sell out quickly.

Tuesday 8th June – Barrowland, Glasgow 

Wednesday 9th June – Academy, Manchester 

Thursday 10th June – Brixton Academy, London 

Friday 11th June – La Cigalle, Paris


The Hot Rats – Free Music

the-hot-ratsIf your like me you appreciate it when artists make their music available for listening to for free on their websites.  Although you cannot download the songs (unless you are a techno-wizard which I am not) you can listen to them multiple times over on their player. 

The Hot Rats is a side project from Supergrass singer-guitarist Gaz Coombes and drummer Danny Goffey.  While Supergrass is recording their 7th studio album due out in early 2010, these two decided that a side project was cool as well.  You can listen to 5 tracks on The Hot Rats website; the second song Big Sky is pretty cool cover of the Kinks classic, I love it! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Hot Rats U.S. Tour Dates:
1/12/2010 – Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
1/14/2010 – Bowery Ball Room (NYC)
1/19/2010 – Spaceland (Los Angeles, CA)
1/21/2010 – Troubadour (West Hollywood, CA)


Supergrass – Life on Other Planets (2002)

supergrass_lifeSometimes you find a band that is simply too good to keep to yourself and  just have to share it with the masses.  Supergrass is that band!

Supergrass was a band that I was familiar with for a few years, however at a very superficial level. I had heard their first hit “Alright” many times but it never led me to run out and buy their albums; the song was catchy but reminded me to much of “The Monkees”.  Apparently CBS or ABC had approached the trio after this hit to pursue a rebirth show reminicent of The Monkee’s 60’s program; the band according to rumor, declined the offer since they were serious about their music and were not willing to gamble their future on a corny TV pilot program.  This was clearly a smart decision.

A few years past and one day I decided on a lark to purchase “Life on Other Planets” on Ebay for $1.00, thus the risk would be minimal from a financial standpoint, and if I didn’t like it, well I ‘m sure I could get at least $2.00 at my local cd trade-in place for something else.  The result was I have become a big fan of Supergrass’s sound and believe this might be the best album I have heard in a long time. 

As compared to their earlier work (In It For The Money, I Should Coco, and the self-titled Supergrass) and later work (Road to Rouen, Diamond Hoo-Ha) it truly stands out as a landmark album and also an experimental one.  The album resonates with inspired sounds of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the signature sounds that make Supergrass unique in their own right. 

Song’s like “Rush Hour Soul” and “Za” are very catchy and begin the album at a very fast pace which are good; the tempo and mood of the album shift with songs like “Evening of the Day” and “Grace”, the best song in my humble opinion is “Prophet 15” that just makes the album all that more worthwhile listening to in so many ways. The lyrics are great and smartly written; this album is just so solid the whole way through listen after listen.

I would suggest picking up this little gem on Ebay or Amazon if you can get it for $1.00, although clearly it is worth much more. Granted, it may take a few times to grow on you but if you are willing to take the time you will soon appreciate how talented these guys truly are, enjoy!

Life on Other Planets – 5 out of 5


Supergrass Concert Clip

supergrassCheck out a full Supergrass concert from the Paredes de Coura 2009 (Portugal Festival). The first song  “Diamond Hoo Ha Man” rocks! The set list is a nice choice of their other songs; I must admit that it is a nice variety of their work and I wish they would come back to the U.S.  Let me know what you think and enjoy the free show.

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