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Pigeon Poop, Poncho’s and Kings of Leon

I’m sure that many readers have already learned about the recent Kings Of Leon show in St.Louis, MO where the band walked off stage after three songs due to a deluge of pigeon poop.  Although I agree that being pooped on by a bird at any time is disgusting and revolting, in rock n’ roll you can’t just wimp out and stop playing a show! When the tickets cost $50 (jeez, are these guys really worth $50 in this economy to see live?) you tough it out and give the people their money’s worth.

Regardless of the ticket price, you don’t cancel a show due to bird poop, even it you get a drop on your cheek; just wipe it off and rock on.  As one fan stated over the cancellation ” I’m sure these guys deal with worst things back stage as rockstars, and like it too!”, funny right? 

I think band has proved themselves to be a bunch of primadonna’s that are more concerned about getting their Armani black t-shirts dirty rather than worrying about the multitude of people who fought traffic jams, stood in line for tickets, and waited weeks (if not months) for a show in their home town, just to see them play.

 The thing that struck me the most is that these guys are millionaire’s (several times over I’m sure), none of the roadies could have zinged out to Wal Mart, Target, or some tourist trap in St.Louis and snagged some $2 plastic poncho’s?  I think the fans would have thought highly of the band if they stopped playing, dissed the venue and the promoters for the disgusting conditions, donned some poncho’s and played on.  Make a positive out of a negative and retain your fan base; clearly the Kings of Leon are ok with playing in dingy dives, stapling paper flyers on telephone poles promoting their next gig, and eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner again out of their car.  Remember Kings of Leon, you’ve got the dream job of getting paid tens of thousands for 3 hours playing your instruments…I have no sympathy.  Think about the janitors that get $7 and hour cleaning the venue bathrooms after your show, tell me who’s got more of a gripe to walk off the job?

I recall the 1994 Woodstock show when people were flinging large amounts of mud and sod at Green Day and those guys took it in stride, actually playing as it hit their faces and instruments, they knew the fans ate it up and regardless if they sounded horrible, the show must go on.  Clearly the Kings of Leon need to learn from this and hopefully regain the attention of St.Louis fans.  I say boycott the band in St. Louis until they play free show in the park, what do you think?

Is that a real poncho or is that a Sear’s poncho?”  – Frank Zappa

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