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Dream Theater – A video worth watching!

I came upon this little gem the other day and felt that it would be fun to post.  These guys are incredible and what fun it must be to create this stuff.  I’m very impressed having never found them worth taking the time to listen to, but I’m changing my mind.  Granted, I’m not overly thrilled with the lyrics, the instrumental portion is fantastic.  Check it out and tell us what you think.


GWAR Tonight!

Yes, that’s right!  GWAR is playing in HiFi Central’s backyard at the club Northern Lights.  Both contributors ericstraus and myself will be in attendance to enjoy the mayhem and delight that only GWAR can deliver.

We will have a report of the show and its aftermath, so please check back.  We’re both psyched, it should be a great show.


Pandora Web Radio

For those that may be searching (or have searched) for decent free web radio station that plays the music you specifically like please check out The Pandora Genome Project.  I’m a huge Frank Zappa fan but find it incredibly difficult to find any Zappa on the internet; Pandora actually has a nice assortment of Zappa on the Zappa radio station.  You can create nearly any artist station and Pandora does a good job matching similiar artists in the mix.  I created an Al DiMeola station and have discovered other artists that I had never heard before (and actually liking!).   I have a Supergrass, Bob Marley, Gwar, Slayer, Eliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Jimmy Smith, John Coltrane, Cal Tjader, and other radio stations to choose from that I created.  The possibilities are quite endless.  I found a cable that connects from my laptop to my stereo and was able to feed Pandora through larger speakers, the sound quality was very good.

A cool thing about Pandora is that if you like the song you can give it a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and it will assist you in creating a more personal play list.

Yes, there are commercials every once and awhile, this is actaully something quite new and I would suspect allows Pandora to provide this music for free.  There was a time, I was told, that Pandora began limiting the amount of free songs you could listen to, but I have not experienced any limitations yet.  Commercials are just part of the World Wide Web these days whether you like it or not, but hey…it’s still FREE, so don’t complain.

Check it out and I hope our readers in Iran, Saudi, and other countries where the Web is monitored can access this great station.

Please take the time and tell us what you think!


Poetic Slayer

In anticipation of the February arrival of the all-time Gods of Metal, Slayer, I present to you a poem I wrote following their concert in June of 2006.  Enjoy.

Heavy Metal Poetry

I went last night
To a heavy metal show
The last one I’d been to
Was quite a while ago

I feared that I would be
The oldest one there
But I found many others
Like me, with thinning hair

The seats were vibrating
From the thumping bass drum
It wasn’t too long
Before my ears started to go numb

The mosh pits were thrashing
With shirtless sweaty men
Somebody remind me
How’s that not gay again?

We all came to see Slayer
But four bands played prior
The first three weren’t memorable
But Lamb Of God nearly stole Slayer’s fire

Then Slayer hit the stage
At about a quarter to ten
From the first notes of “South Of Heaven”
I was 21 years old again

I jumped around and head-banged
For over an hour
When I got home my wife opined
That I really needed a shower

Today my neck is sore
And my head is still ringing
But last night was so fun
With all my air-guitar and singing

So thanks to you Slayer
For kicking my ass last night
Right now I don’t regret it
But later when I can’t move my neck, I might

I hope that all of you
In some way, shape, or form
Can share the same joy as I did
And have a piece of your youth reborn


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