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REM – “Fables” 25th Anniversary CD set (1985/2010)

The past few weeks I’ve been motivated to blow the dust off of my CD collection (yes, I still have those physical discs), usually I rely on my Ipod for most of my collection to listen to these days, but upon going through the hundreds of discs I became reaquainted with an old friend, REM’s Out of Time.  This album is not only nostalgic to me in many ways, it also has a timeless quality which is clearly a hallmark of REM albums in  general.  

This past Tuesday (July 13th) REM released a 2-disc 25th anniversary edition of their landmark album Fables of The Reconstruction originally released in 1985.  I must admit I’ve never taken the time to listen to this album; somewhere I must have skipped it between Reckoning and Life’s Rich Pagaent; two other REM favorites as well.

From past reviews of the album it is considered mediocre in their discography. Fables is not a particularly memorable album for fans or the band, drummer Bill Berry had actually thought the album “sucked” compared to their previous efforts.  Some fans also consider it the last true REM album.  In retrospect and after many listenings by fans, perhaps it is now considered a “turning point” in the bands sound.  This album marked the first time the band decided not to record in their home town of Athens, GA and instead recorded in London, England. 

The 25th Anniversary Edition offers disc 1 with 11 remastered recordings  and disc 2 with 14 demo and alternative versions of the album recorded in Athens, GA before they departed to London.  The demo versions have never before been released and there is one song “Throw Those Trolls Away” that has never been released; so for a diehard REM fan I’m sure this will be something new and refreshing.

REM is working on a 15th studio album slated to be released next spring 2011.

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