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Phish Benefit Concert – 9/14 Essex Junction, VT

Many people here in the US are well about the devestating flooding in Vermont and other states in the Northeast as a result of hurrican Irene.  Vermont, being the small state that it is, suffered probably the worst due to the abundance of small streams turning into large rivers, which in turn washed way many low lying bridges.  Many of these bridges were on small two lane roads that were the only direct routes between anywhere and no where; many were left stranded and unable to receive aid for many days.

Phish has announced a last minute concert to raise both awareness and funds to provide relief to Vermonters affected by this devestating storm.  The band will play in Essex Junction, Vermont; tickets go on sale at 10:00 this Saturday, September 10th.  If you would like more information please click here.

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