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No Rockin’ for you!

To my sadness and dismay (and disbelief too!) HiFi Central has been contacted by Pandora notifying us that music lovers outside of the U.S. do not have access to Pandora. 

I would appear that this is not Pandora’s decision but other countries (and perhaps the artists or record companies fearful of losing profits), so my post about Pandora is limited to only those living in the U.S.; sorry HiFi WorldReaders (on  nearly every continent believe it or not! Awesome!) we wish you could check Pandora out, but you can’t.  It wou ld appear there will be no rockin’ for you via Pandora…pity.  It would seem that even today The World Wide Web…ain’t always so “world wide” as we would like to think eh?

Rock on in other formats HiFi Readers!

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