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Sirsy – live review 6/5 (Charlton, NY) A dynamic duo!

This past weekend my wife and I were invited to a neighborhood party in Charlton, NY for a local thing called “Founder’s Day”; basically it’s a local event that’s taken place for 100 or so years and has lost all meaning…but hey, it’s apparently still a good excuse to have a good time and that’s what it’s all about right?

During the beers and burgers in our friends backyard I started hearing music coming from a baseball field behind their house and discovered that live music was part of the celebration, so I went to check it out.  I figured it would be some hack band made up of a bunch of father’s finally showboating their garage band classics and reliving the glory days, but the sound and vocals were way too good to be garage fodder.  After a bit of patience wading through the lawn chair warriors I was able to discover it was a local band named Sirsy; and to be honest I was impressed!  I had heard of Sirsy in passing conversations and noticed they often were playing the popular pubs and music halls in the Albany area, but never had the motivation to actually catch a show. 

Sirsy is comprised of two musicians: Melanie Krahmer (percussion and vocals) and Rich Libutti (guitars and vocals) and the two are a very impressive duo in creating the amount of sound, power, and addictive rhythm necessary to keep a large crowd entertained.  Although their schtick is not original, bands like The Fumes, Flat Duo Jets, The Hasselhoff Experiment and of course, The White Stripes have defined the modern guitar and drum duo, however, Sirsy does an excellent job of defining their own sound in that style and more importantly clearly are having blast playing their music.

Sirsy played a variety of original songs and covers during the event, they played two sets and I think the plan of playing a bit of everything was very smart on their part.  Sirsy’s sound is a culmination of rock, rhythm & blues, and funk.  The crowd was a mix of old and young, and surprisingly they kept everyones attention; for many of us watching and listening we wanted more. Sirsy has an infectious sound live that should carry them far now that they have signed with a label. 

The band has signed with the independent label Funzalo Records and they are celebrating on Friday, June 11th at Revolution Hall (Troy, NY).  Tickets are a mere $5 prior and $10 day of the show.  Do yourself a favor and catch these guys if they come to your town this summer, they are touring and it might be the best live show you’ve seen awhile. 

Sirsy Upcoming June Tour Dates:

6/12 The Snooty Pig (Cornwall, NY)
6/16 Lakeside (New York City, NY)
6/17 The Bitter End (New York City, NY)
6/18 Napper Tandy’s (Raleigh, NC)
6/19 The Chart (Charleston, NC)
6/24 The Village Tavern (Marcellus, NY)
6/25 Old City Hall (Oswego, NY)
6/26 The Irish Times Pub (Saratoga, NY)

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