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Pandora Web Radio

For those that may be searching (or have searched) for decent free web radio station that plays the music you specifically like please check out The Pandora Genome Project.  I’m a huge Frank Zappa fan but find it incredibly difficult to find any Zappa on the internet; Pandora actually has a nice assortment of Zappa on the Zappa radio station.  You can create nearly any artist station and Pandora does a good job matching similiar artists in the mix.  I created an Al DiMeola station and have discovered other artists that I had never heard before (and actually liking!).   I have a Supergrass, Bob Marley, Gwar, Slayer, Eliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Jimmy Smith, John Coltrane, Cal Tjader, and other radio stations to choose from that I created.  The possibilities are quite endless.  I found a cable that connects from my laptop to my stereo and was able to feed Pandora through larger speakers, the sound quality was very good.

A cool thing about Pandora is that if you like the song you can give it a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and it will assist you in creating a more personal play list.

Yes, there are commercials every once and awhile, this is actaully something quite new and I would suspect allows Pandora to provide this music for free.  There was a time, I was told, that Pandora began limiting the amount of free songs you could listen to, but I have not experienced any limitations yet.  Commercials are just part of the World Wide Web these days whether you like it or not, but hey…it’s still FREE, so don’t complain.

Check it out and I hope our readers in Iran, Saudi, and other countries where the Web is monitored can access this great station.

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HiFi Store is officially Open!

Yes, after a few technical glitches the HiFi Shameless Self Promoting Store is officially open and working.  Click the link on the right side of the page to get your shirt and impress your friends!

Thanks for the support and yes, we DO ship worldwide (and take multiple foreign currencies!).

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Mudvayne – “The New Game” (2008)

mudvayneIf you don’t know already, Mudvayne is a band that has been a contributing factor in redifining the sound of contemporary metal for nearly a decade.  Beginning in 2000 with their initial release L.D. 50, Mudvayne has been on a non-stop roll creating hard hitting, gritty, nasty, and even catchy metal that has earned them their rightful place among bands like Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, Sevendust, and even yes, Metallica. 

In late 2008 Mudvayne released their fifth studio album The New Game; the first track released to the public was the both melodic and heaving hitting “Do What You Do”.  This teaser track was released two weeks prior to the albums release, and provided a mere peek into what promised to be another doozy of an album for the power-foursome.  Lead singer Chad Gray’s vocal’s, as always, are tight, gritty, and complimentary to the blistering maelstrom of guitar and bass; the delightful  Mudvayne signature sound. Among the  album’s highlights include songs “Do What You Do”, “Scarlet Letter”, and “Dull Boy”. Personally, I think every song is a winner.

For The New Game, Mudvayne teamed up with producer Dave Fortman for a second time.  Fortman had produced Mudvanye’s Lost and Found (2005) with great success; in this newest venture Fortman helps them create a more earthy sound for The New Game. Fortman had worked with both Evanescence and Slipknot assisting them in producing award winning albums, and he doesn’t fall short with this album either.  Mudvayne just finished a U.S. Tour promoting The New Game, somehow they played at a local fair in did I miss that one? Ugh!

Mudvayne has announced the next album is due on 12/29/09!  Jeez, these guys are just machines!

Regardless, these guys rock and are one of my favorites in today’s metal arena. Do yourself a favor and get any album, get comfortable, and turn it up really, really loud!

If you want to check out some select songs from The New Game  go to Mudvayne’s website and click the free player on the top right of the homepage.

The New Game gets 4 out of 5 stars.

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