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Randy “Macho Man” Savage Album? Oh god!

With the recent autopsy results released today I felt compelled for some reason to see if  “Macho Man” ever put out an album, and holy shit, he did!  Of course it’s pretty goofy and I do hope that he did not see a move to Hip-Hop as a legitimate career path. Sadly, howver, after listening to the samples on, clearly he did.   In my personal opinion the album is downright awful and most likely found its way into the .99 bin at your local mall CD store; but I’m sure it sold a few when it was originally released.

The craziest thing perhaps is that the cheapest used version is selling for $30!!!!!!  If you want it new it will cost you a mere $60!  I’ve heard of out of print 7-inch records, but a CD; c’mon.

I love one of the album reviews on the Amazon site:

“Randy Macho Man Savage’s excursion into the hip-hop arena represents an pivotal moment for American culture and civilization. In creating his recording, “Be A Man”, Savage throws out all conventional ways and approaches to artistic expression and replaces them with new structures and processes of analyzing the age-old problematics brought about by human conflict, identity and belonging.

Savage manages to do this by utilizing a multi-disciplinary, consilient approach (which E.O. Wilson would be proud of) by synthesising elements of American popular culture such as wrestling and hip hop. In Sartre’s existentialist tradition, Macho utilizes the elements available in his times and environment to revalidate and giving meaning to what had become a meager existence, while at the same time elevating & liberating the rest of humanity to another level of meaningful existence.

Examples of this new paradigm of human expression abound in this ouevre. From the cd cover photo, which shows Mr. Macho manipulating the chains which symbolize the possibility of humanity’s ability to break away from the chains of oppression that enslave us all and prevent us from leading a truly meaningful existence, to his aptly named title track, “Be A Man” which utilizes his rivalry with Hulk Hogan as a metaphor for the conflict between a superficial and unfulfilling material existence and a meaningful and rich human spiritual existence. This truly is a paradigmatic change that T. Kuhn would find exemplary.

This is a seminal must for any one’s artistic recordings collection, for it is destined to be a classic and the topic of scholarly and intellectual discussions for quite some time.

Makes you want to take a dump on this guys front lawn, doesn’t it?  I love the review and how much thoughtful time was taken to deconstruct the inner meaning behind this profound contribution to our society, complex human relationships, and ills that plague all of humanity (I think I just threw up in my mouth).

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the Macho Man growing up as a kid. I first saw him wrestle when I was 13 years old at the old RPI Field House in Troy, NY.  The guy was larger than life and from what I can recall, very cool with his little fans.  He was probably the most cheezy of the wrestlers at the time; his outfits were always ostentatious, and his glasses usually hid his cage-rage crazy bloodshot eyes; but I loved it.  But to take anything about his rap album other than it being a goofy project that someone (perhaps the lovely Lady Elizabeth) pressured him to do since the Slim Jim commercials weren’t paying the bills, would be just plain dumb.

However, on some degree this might be a righteous thing to own in your collection when you want to feel inspired by the Macho Man now and again.   

If you’re ever in the mood to hear his debut rap album it clearly exists, but I’m still in disbelief.  You can pick yourself up a copy at Crazy!

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