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Liberace No More

Yes, it’s a sad day for some in this world; today marks the official closing of the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas.  Although I didn’t care for this dude or his music, the guy was actually a pioneer in the early days of television and establishment of the “variety hour”.   I’m not so much in agreement with the CNN coverage that he was influential on today’s performers, with exception to say, perhaps, Adam Lambert.  Perhaps Bootsy Collin’s stole a bit of Liberace’s style since he was often spotted sporting a feathery boa and other “glamorous” accoutrements.  I remember my grandmother tormenting me with having to watch both Lawrence Welk and Liberace back to back on the summers at  her house in Philadelphia, barf!  Today it might actually be considered child abuse. 

To Liberace’s credit though he was an accomplished classical concert pianist and at one time was the most wealthy entertainer of his time (hard to believe, but true!); he was a powerhouse draw for visitors to Las Vegas in the 70’s like Celine Dion is today; so like him or not the guy was a success at one time and adored by millions.

Well, I felt it was both humorous and sad at the same time to post; I kind of wish I got a chance to stop by and get me a cheezy coffee cup for my desk; it would be quite righteous!  Perhaps we will see what we can do here at the HiFi Central Factories and produce a HiFi Coffeecup of our own with this dynamic graphic eh?  Let us know if you would buy one if we did.

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