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The dark abyss between the Generation Gap

I was discussing the history of Rock and Roll with a colleague at work the other day during lunch; we were mainly reflecting upon how old we are now these days.  I work at a school and every morning the music teacher does a “this day in music history” to the senior class; it’s a cool idea and usually the students can guess the artist featured like Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, or even James Brown (although a student answered “Jim Brown”, perhaps he’s on a casual name basis with the now deceased Godfather of Soul, I dunno?); it was reassuring when the younger generation knows some of the influences to the artists they listen to today.

This morning was interesting and morbid at the same time; Bon Jovi was the featured artist and the bands big 1992 hit “Runaway” was featured to see if students could guess the both the song and the artist.  Sadly, out of 130 kids no one knew the song.  All of the older teachers including myself looked at each other in disbelief and that is when I leaned over to one of the senior boys and said “Justin, what year were you born?”, he replied “1993”.  My heart just sank and again, a moment of humbleness and clarity seems to pervade about just how old we have become. I had to go back to my office with my head held low thinking that my “coolness factor” is probably a negative number these days, along with my loss of hair and six pack flab.

Incredibly, Bon Jovi doesn’t seem to age and is just as popular (if not more so) today than in the 80’s and 90’s.  He must be the Ponce DeLeon of New Jersey; I got’s to find’s me some of that special water he’s drinking everyday!

As mentioned with the passing of Tom Bosley, I too at the tender age of 10 did not know any of the forefathers of Rock at the time, until I heardthe remake of Bill Haley and the Comet’s “Rock around The Clock” on Happy Days.  I found a cool clip and thought I would share it with you, this the music that I think today’s generation should also learn about, enjoy.


2010 Led Zeppelin Tour Thingy…thing..

About two months ago it was reported that Jason Bonham (son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) would be putting together a 30 city tour of Zeppelin classics with his..ahem…”All-Star” band (gulp, uh oh! See previous post). 

The idea is a tribute to his father and his fathers death 30 years ago in 1980; 30 years = 30 tours so I’m sure you see where this is going.  I think it’s a neat idea and the show might be fun, but I’m cringing at 1. the ticket price and 2. who will be forming the band and especially the lead vocals.   Please don’t go digging up David Coverdale in some nursing home, just let him be.  Who would you pick to replace Plant HiFi readers? 

If you are lucky enough to see the first show I would assume some “special guests” might arrive, often things like this are rather predictable, no? 

After the much hyped possible Zeppelin Reunion Tour after they Atlantic Records Anniversary O2 arena gig in London a few years ago; this pales in comparison for announcements.  And we all know how awesome that tour was..ur..never was. But hey, Bohnam’s tour does at the very least provide us some solace that a Zeppeliny tribute thingy (in which someone related to a Zeppelin band member is…er… involved covering resembling Zeppelin) is in the works…but perhaps this Zeppelin-related thing too doesn’t count, or does it?

Does the son of a Zeppelin band member covering his fathers band count as a cover band?   Yes I guess to a degree.  Then again so what; he’s been living off his fathers legacy for years (and why not I say!), good for him.  My father sells flooring for a living, so man if you can make money off of your dads name (clearly I won’t be) as one of the most prolific drummers in rock  history, so therefore go for it. 

Update 9/23/10 – To any one who has read this blog and the previous information about the “supposed” line up for the Bonham project I sincerely apologize for the bogus information.  I had honestly believed (per what I considered a “credible” source) what the actual line up would be; clearly new information has developed that they were joking (and apparently had been all along, I simply did not get the humor at the time).  Our blog is intended to be factual and reliable for information, sorry for misleading anyone or creating rumours.

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picking over the carcass of “them crooked vultures”

In my very first post on this blog, I mentioned the term “supergroup” in reference to the band Down.  Them Crooked Vultures would also fit into the “supergroup” category, but it’s surprising that with the band’s star power, they aren’t getting a huge amount of attention, in this country anyway – they will be playing several festivals in Europe this year, including the Download Festival in England along with AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, and Aerosmith among others.  They did play on Saturday Night Live in February.

Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) is on drums, Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) is on guitars and lead vocals, and a true legend of rock is handling the bass guitar duties – Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones.  The sounds produced on their self-titled debut album from 2009 are varied from song to song, drawing on the raw sound of the White Stripes, the bluesy hard-rock of Led Zeppelin and the more dynamic hard rock sound of the Foo Fighters.  There are times when Homme sounds like he’s trying too hard to play guitar like Jones’ former counterpart Jimmy Page, but the Zeppelin-like melodies they produce together is nice to hear.

The opening track “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I” gets things rolling with some heavy blues rock, with a signature Jones’ bass groove providing some head-banging moments.  Jones also does some elegant keyboard work on “Spinning in Daffodils,” and he gets super funky on the clavinet on “Scumbag Blues.”  “Reptiles” is one of the highlights of the album, and is the most Zeppelin-esque of the bunch.  Homme’s voice compliments the other sounds nicely throughout the record, but Grohl’s drumming doesn’t quite make an impression.

I don’t know enough Queens of the Stone Age music to judge, but I’ve seen other opinions that claim a lot of Them Crooked Vultures’ songs are in the same vein (although I would imagine they do not have the Led Zeppelin influence).  But Them Crooked Vultures is an interesting album, a nice conglomeration of styles and influences that certainly doesn’t blow you away, but is good enough to hold your ears’ attention.  Apparently they are already working on a follow-up album, so it will be interesting to see if they offer up any new twists, or just repeat what’s on this album.

Them Crooked Vultures gets 3 out of 5 stars!


Led Zeppelin Video Site

Ok, ok,  ok, so for us who prayed to the gods for a Zeppelin re-union tour in our lifetime we now know it ain’t gonna happen.   I was trolling the web the other day and discovered that the official Led Zeppelin website has quite a generous offering of vintage videos (some in their entirety and other snippits) from the 1968 through post 1980 breakup; their most recent 2009 concert at the O2 Arena in London is not featured which is a bummer.

There are some very cool vintage performances featured .  I personally enjoyed the 1969 performance of How Many More Times (Danish TV ) & 1979’s performance of Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Knebworth).

Click here to check out what Jimmy, Robert, and Jonesy have made available for us.  

If they don’t ever reunite at least we have these incredible performances to enjoy. Check them out and tell us what you think!

***Please note that the link above is safe and will take you to the Official Led Zeppelin website.  However, when I googled “Led Zeppelin 1969 Danish TV” to find the remainder of the 1969 Danish show (How Many More Times) I found a website that had “supposedly” offered the remainder of the original broadcast, please do not go to this website.  BEWARE if you do chose to go to the website you get a nasty Trojan virus and Malware issue (do not fall for the bogus window that pops that looks like your hard drive saying that your computer is corrupted, it’s not, and do not attempt to download the offered software it too is a scam, so please be aware. 

Here at Hi-Fi Central we take pride in providing legit links to our content, please know that.

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