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10 more?

To my surprise and dismay it would appear that the online music source LaLa will cease to exist past May 31st, 2010.  I recommended readers to check out this resource for online music; you could build a catalog of music on a off site server without comprimising your own computers memory or deal with iTunes 5 computer library transfer rule (5 times and then you need to re-purchase your iTunes library) not to mention the nuisance of having to upload all of your current CD collection, again.

Their website does inform current members that your library will remain intact with the site going forward but they are not taking any new subscribers; in addition current members may not purchase music any longer, even if they have a credit to their existing account. 

The plus side? Well, if you already have an account with LaLa (and have  uploaded music in the past you can continue to listen to that rotation as much as you like), but don’t expect to build upon that library, cuz you can’t going forward.  According to the website, if you had a credit on your account (what they term “wallet”) they will reimburse you with an iTunes card (ironic, eh?).

Why and iTunes card and not something else?  Well, it would appear that Apple has positioned itself to consume LaLa and it’s streaming technology.  LaLa’s intention was basically to kill the Mp3 and move forward with a more versatile format; that format has been played close to the chest between LaLa and Apple’s Iphone; however that app is currently not available.  It would seem that LaLa had plans to release music for around .10 per song, undercutting Apple’s iTunes (currently .69 – $1.29 per song depending); although the LaLa format might have lower sound quality, it presented a clear and present threat to iTunes…so Apple purchased LaLa and kept the development team intact.


LaLa Online Music

Upon my recent review of Pandora and my excitement to share it with the masses I have discovered that has become first of all limited in its availability worldwide, and second, the artist profile that one creates barely plays the artist’s songs.  Sorry Pandora, but I’m not impressed any longer.  My “Zappa station” now plays ONE Zappa song per 10 songs and often, the same song? Lame.

I was introduced to an alternate online music source called LaLa and I have to say that I am rather impressed with the variety of artists available and also the amount of control the user has over listening to what you want (and all songs in their entirety!).  Please check this online source out and ditch Pandora since they are clearly a “bait and switch” site.  When they first introduced Pandora it was much cooler, not anymore.

I’m impressed how much Iron and  Wine, Nick Drake, and Elliot Smith they have, you can buy whatever you like at any time, but you can also create personal playlists to play, nice.  Ok, so here’s the catch- you can only listen to one song in its entirety once then you have to purchase it.  So, yeah, it’s free…but then it’s not, but the songs appear to be cheaper (.79 cents vs. .99 cents or more depending) to purchase than iTunes and the variety is pretty good. 

When you initially visit the site they give you 25 credits towards web songs you can add to a LaLa player which is free.  Each song is one credit and you can build a 25 song playlist after setting up a free account.  A cool thing is that you can listen to as many songs as you would like in their entirety prior to adding them to your playlist.  So, if you customize a playlist of things you might listen to all the time you might find the value in it.

Granted, Pandora is absolutely free but it has very serious limitations and becomes horribly redundant in its variety. 

Check out LaLa by clicking here and tell us what you experience.  Worldwide readers, please let us know if you can access this player as well.

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