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Katy Perry and Elmo – Banned?

I was surfing the web today and came across the article about Kate Perry’s performance with Elmo for an upcoming Sesame Street episode and how it has been banned for being too “sexy” and indicated suggestive “inappropriate behavior”.  Elmo often does popular artists both past and present so Katy Perry would seem appropriate due to her current popularity in pop music.

Recently she taped a performance with Elmo where she performed a version of her hit “Hot and Cold”; the problem for some parents does not lie with the content of the song but the outfit she was wearing and the assumptions that some parents are making are ridiculous and absurd. Clearly the accusations are being made by a bunch of old sea-hags who are jealous that some young 20-something is well, 20 and clearly in shape.  Parents are making accusations that her outfit is revealing and the entire production does not promote (ahem)  “family values” that Sesame Street is expected to promote. Here we go again with the wacko’s coming out of the woodwork to preach. This exactly when your rights as a music lover are determined by a “moral majority” who decide the definition of “appropriate” for you and everyone else. Frank Zappa fought against this very issue 20 years ago.

Accusations have ranged from the ability of some parents to have x-ray vision and proclaim they can “see her t**t’s”, to some being offended that Elmo practically runs “under” her skirt.  Wait, “practically” or does?  And if so, what did Elmo do in the video? Doesn’t he merely run past her legs? What am I not seeing?

And just for the record, what toddler doesn’t run between their parents legs and hold on for security when being shy or playing? Sadly, Sesame Street has pandered to the volume of complaints and concerns from parents and has decided to scrap the segment all together. Shame on you Sesame Workshop, clearly your actions indicate you agree, what an insult to Ms. Perry.

As a parent of a 3-year old I don’t see the problem with the video; yes she’s got some cleavage showing but I don’t think my son will be tainted by the realization that women actually have “breasts”!  Most children are more focused with the music and the colors of the background of the video. Clearly the same people reading into this video are the same that read far too much into the Bible and gain a warped perspective about what they “think” something means.

I’ve embedded the video to see what HiFi readers think, please post your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the content of the video.  I’ve heard if  you play it backwards it says “Ernie and Burt live together as grown men, but sleep in seperate beds”. I would assume that all of these complaining parents most likely grew up watching those two and made no assumptions other than they were two guys who liked to sing songs about rubber duckies, torture each other, and feed pigeons, right?

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