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10 Free music for the masses

I wanted to inform the HiFi reading audience of a gem of a website that offers legitimate free downloads and high quality streaming audio of some of the best bands on the planet. is also (I think) closely releated to the people at, however, the variety of music that is offered on is just unbelievable.  The array of artists featured is quite extensive, although most of the music would fall under a similiar genre being that of “Jam Band” or “free form improvisational” with bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, Bruce Hornsby, Ratdog, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Jack Johnson, MMW, and many others featured.

You can download quite a large array of free shows from these artists, but if you would rather simply stream the show it is very easy (I use Windows Media Player) and the quality is fantastic so far from what I have listened to at this time.  As I type this blog entry I’m listening to a Yonder Mountain String Band show from a 2000 show at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma, CA, incredible!

If you visit the site look to the top right and you will see a link for “free stash”, from there you can browse an assortement of artists and shows in their entirety that you can download complete free from being prosecuted, cuz’ it’s totally legit and on the up and up!

If you love good music and either want to add to your collection or discover these artists beyond the studio albums please click here and enjoy!

Let us know here at HiFi Central what you think of this site and our suggestions.


Jack Johnson – New song “Spring Wind”

If you enjoy the mellow lullaby’s of Jack Johnson you might be interested to hear a track he created for the soon to be released movie 180 Degrees South: Conquerers of the Useless; a movie about a couple of guys who took a road trip from Ventura, California to hike Mt. Fitzroy in Argentina in the 1960’s.  This movie takes them there again as they reattempt the  hike and recollecting the initial 60’s roadtrip through the wild and rugged roads of Central and South America.  The movie compares trips past and present.

Johnson contributed  his version of underground folk singer-songwriter Greg Brown’s Spring Wind as part of the soundtrack.  Spring Wind is appearently a song that Johnson has played off and on his live shows and decided to officially record in the studio.  The song is good, nothing particularly mind blowing, but keeps constant with Johnson’s normal sound and style.

To hear Johnson’s rendition of Spring Wind click here; sadly you cannot download it but listen to it streaming, it’s worth a listen if you are a Jack Johnson fan. 

If you are interested to learn more about the movie, click here.

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