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Tommy Emmanuel – A Living Legend (and touring!)

I was talking to a friend the other day about great guitarists and great guitar songs; the name Tommy Emmanuel came up (along with Al DiMeola, Wes Montgomery, Strunz and Farah, Aucousticl Alchemy, George Benson, and many others) and his classic rendition of “Classical Gas”; many of our younger readers have never heard of this classic song, nor Emmanuel for that fact.  I remember that my father had an album featuring Classical Gas and it was the one song I played over and over again, it’s just a remarkable composition.

I had long forgotten about the Tommy Emmanuel and decided to Google him after watching the video below; they guy is alive and well…and currently touring!  As usual he is playing everywhere but HiFi’s home turf (Albany, NY), but you never know who will roll through this town at the last minute; we’ll keep our fingers crossed.  His tour is quite extensive and he is hitting many top cities across the country and the World, so if you’re lucky to have him swinging through…get your tickets and PLEASE tell us about it.

Click here to see Tommy Emmanuels 2010 tour schedule.


John Petrucci – Damage Control: G3 (2005)

Although I’ve never been into Dream Theater as a band, I must admit that John Petrucci (lead guitarist) is quite simply one of the best prog rock musicians I’ve ever seen.  If you have not had a chance to see him in action please check out the video below (yes, it’s 10 minutes long, but worth every second trust me!).  It was taken from a show in Tokyo where Petrucci was 3rd on the bill behind Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I’m curious if G3 will tour again any time soon, anyone know? Enjoy!


Final Tour for Al DiMeola?

I hate to create rumor’s but I noticed on Al D’s website the words “Final US tour” are mysteriously placed at the top of his home web page.  There is no link or information providing additional clues to what this means but if so, you better get your tickets now!

I did find it odd that his US tour dates for 2010 are very limited and then he’s off to Australia to play nearly every town in that country.  I’m personally shocked that he has no dates for Boston or New York City.  Luckily he will  play my cozy little city of Albany, NY; thanks Al!

Well, if he is indeed winding down his legendary touring schedule it would seem appropriate; the guy has been hitting every continent for nearly 2 years non-stop.  I’m just glad that I will get a chance to finally see the master (perhaps for the first and last time) on January 31st at The Egg.


Strunz and Farah – True “Guitar Hero’s”

Although this album was released in 1997 I felt it important to inform the masses about and hopefully you will take the time to learn more about Jorge Strunz (Costa Rica) and Ardeshir Farah (Iran); two exceptional musicians in the world today. 

As a college student in Boston in the mid-90’s it was not uncommon for me to begin my afternoon studying to background music.  At the time Emerson College had a fantastic radio show called Jazz Oasis that was a 2-hour program immediately following a World music show called something I cannot recall, but it was a great prelude to the jazz show.  One day whilst listening and working on a paper I remember that I stopped writing to listen more closely to what was playing.   After the song was over I was introduced to Strunz and Farah; I recall that the song was off their (at the time) newly released Live album and it was a must to run out and get (I just was so eager to hear more!). After that one song and numerous albums afterwards…I am still hooked.

Musicians like The Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert are household names in guitar,Flemenco, and world music circles but sadly not for Strunz and Farah; however, they should be.  The Live album was the first album I ever bought and it remains among one of the most cherished, prized, and continuously played in my collection.  I’ve turned more friends on them by just randomly putting them on; most say “Jesus, who is that?” and I politely reply “oh, it’s just Strunz and Farah, I’m sure you’ve heard of them”, usually the reply is  no, but “can you burn that for me?”. 

As live albums go, this is the probably the most precise, entertaining, and well-rounded album I have ever heard.  There are zero dull spots in this album and often the listener has to wonder if these guys are really that good live.  The album is so well recorded and produced, you have to think there is some studio magic in there, I mean, can these guys really play that fast and clean?  The answser is yes! I’ve seen them do it.

Strunz and Farah have recently wrapped up a U.S. tour and already have a date set for June 11, 2010 at the One World Theatre in Austin, TX; if you live in the Austin area do yourself a favor and grab a seat.  I would suggest that if you are a fan of Al Dimeola, Strunz and Farah are among the same caliber of talent.  Granted that DiMeola might be a bit more well-rounded since he plays all different types of guitar styles, Strunz and Farah offer their own corner on the guitar market and will not dissapoint even the most critical of guitar fans.

I saw these guys in 2002 at The Regatta Bar in Boston and it was a show I will never forget.  Check them out and a sample of their music (and latest album Fantaseo) by clicking here.

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