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The Grateful Dead Movie Event!

The Dead have risen and they’re invading movie theaters! On Wednesday, April 20th, theaters across the country will screen the film “The Grateful Dead.”  Released in 1977, the film mostly contains footage from the Grateful Dead concert at San Francisco’s Winterland Theater in 1974. There is an extensive animated portion that opens the film, and throughout the movie is footage of fans inside and outside the theater (including a disturbing segment where we get a glimpse of “nitrous alley,” where fans are seen taking hits from nitrous oxide tanks), but the focus of the film is the concert performance.  If you’re not a fan of the music, this film won’t do much for you other than serve as an encapsulation of the Grateful Dead’s peak in popularity (a peak which they rode for a long time).  But for Deadheads, or even just casual fans, the music sounds great and it’s a fun show. Plus as you can see from the poster, there will be a previously unseen interview with Jerry Garcia, which could be entertaining.  Locally it will be screening at the Crossgates Mall at 7:30PM on, as I said, April 20th (for obvious reasons).  Hope to see you there!

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