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Rush – 40 years performing and still loving it!

I know I’m on a bit of a Rush theme in the blog lately, but after the recent announcement by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to (once again) overlook granting praise to these influential guys and the music they have created for 40 years, I felt at the very least, HiFi Central can give them some much deserved “limelight” . 

I came across a recent interview with the band on CNN; it’s an excellent look at why they still play after 40 years; how they see each other, and what their music means personally.  It’s a bit long but well worth the time.  Try not to get snagged by your boss!

Click here to see the interview.


Rush DVD Release – “Working Men” 11/17

Rush-band-1978Geeks unite! The Rush website has announced that the band will be releaseing a new dvd entitled “Working Men”; this dvd will feature the best of their live performances over the past few years.  I was hoping that part of it would include footage from Exit Stage Left, Signals, or Grace Under Pressure, sadly it will not. Working Men will only feature live performances from their recent tours (Rush in Rio, R30, and Snakes and Arrows) which is kind of lame in my humble opinion.  Rush fans appreciate their newer material don’t get me wrong, but most fans (like me!) attend their concerts to hear vintage songs off of albums like Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and 2112.  Would it not make more sense to release vintage Rush performances?  Why can’t we get a live version of Cygnus X-1 in its entirety? As a band, Rush has been incredibly protective with rare footage or songs that never made it to album; in addition bootlegs or rare concert material has always been difficult to find, yet this is the stuff that fans want!!!!

Luckily, if you want some classic Rush concerts or videos your only resource is to go to YouTube.  YouTube has become a repository of classic Rush featuring TV appearances and videos of them playing songs off of Moving Pictures.  Sadly, Working Men is not a retrospective dvd collection but rather another Rush dvd that fails to hit the mark and satisfy our thirst for rare Rush material.

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