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Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear: Free Stream

Thievery Corporation has been around for a while and they have a strong underground following; their beats are infectious and clever; it was not until recently that I actually learned about them and felt it was worth sharing with HiFi readers.  

Theivery Corporations music historically has been a culmination of electronica and root beats that offer a variety of auditory twists and turns that provides a very pleasing listening experience; rarely have vocals been introduced that have overshadowed the beats, but this new album offers something different with vocals being much more in the mix.  This new album named Culture of Fear offers an excellent assortment of crisp, clean, and sharp rhythms that break away from the mundane dated instrumental albums of the past;  it has the feel of an album that has a timeless sound that can be well kept in a collection for years to come. If you are familiar with the Beastie Boys instrumental album “The Insound from Way Out” this is an excellent addition and complimentary type album, again, this album provides a excellent addition to an existing collection of  instrumental beat albums.

The founders of Thievery Corporation were interviewed on NPR this past weekend.  Both founding artists  were surprisingly very down to Earth about their success; they were not arrogant, nor self-depricating on how their music has evolved and how they’ve gained success as a lesser known musical act.  The interview mainly focused around what past musicians have influenced them and who they decided to collaborate with on this recent album; especially since it strays from the norm of prior releases.  I’ve been on a bend lately with instrumental beat albums such as those offered by Thievery Corporation, Hooverphonic, Portishead and another group who uses Middle Eastern & South Asian cultural rhythms with modern beats called Balkan Beat Box.   Instrumental beat albums offer a fun exploration and variety of creative groove rhythms, beats, effects, and sounds while keeping a constant tempo.  These albums offer excellent background music at a party, when cooking, or just relaxing around the house.  

Unfortunately the free stream was for a limited time and is no longer available as of 9/8/11

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