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The Prince of Darkness a “shining” example

While trolling on the web prior to beginning my day at work I came across this inspiring web article on a recent Ozzfest concert in Hartford, CT.  Ozzy apparently was cool enough to let a 10-year old kid (Yuto Miyazawa) get up and jam with him on a rendition of his classic Crazy Train; and the kid is actually pretty good!  Miyazawa has been playing since he was 3-years old and is considered a prodigy now at 10; apparently he has had an affinity for metal and his parents brought him to an Ozzfest concert, cool.

I think it is awesome that someone of Ozzy’s stature and established reputation as the craziest dude in rock n’ roll and metal history has the heart to let a little boy live his dream and play with him on stage.  So rarely do  we see these acts of kindness from people at this level and I applaud Ozzy for being so generous with his fame and granting an opportunity to a little boy; I’m sure this will live with him for the rest of his life.
Check out the video, although it’s not the best quality it is fun to a great way to start your day with a smile. You are still awesome Ozzy!

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