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Yacht Rock!!!

If you have any appreciation whatsoever for 70’s rock, and recognize the inherent goofiness of the adult contemporary sounds of “smooth rock,” a la Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, etc. – basically that “laid back California” sound – then there us a web video series that you MUST see.  It’s not an option; you are required to view this 11-part semi-fictional docudrama known as “Yacht Rock.”

The geniuses behind this have filmed 11 vignettes, each focusing on a different aspect of “smooth rock” during the 70’s and early 80’s.  They re-create collaborations and meetings between the key artists of this genre, with extremely exaggerated costumes/hairstyles and hysterical dialogue.  I don’t want to give anything away, because I don’t want to lessen the awesomeness that you will experience.

Each episode is only about 5 minutes in length, and you can view them all right here: (scroll to the bottom to start with episode #1)

Yacht Rock gets a billion out of a kajillion stars!!

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