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Queensryche Caberet?

Queensryche was a band that I loved in high school, my favorite albums were Rage for Order (1986),  Operation Mindcrime (1988) ,and the one and only Empire (1990); an album that some believe is their finest and others consider it when they “sold out”. I personally think it is simply an album that granted them the most noteriety and took them in another direction which albums should do.

Not much has been heard from Queensryche in the past decade and what albums they may have released have not come with much fanfare or overwhelming response from their fans or general public.  What albums they have released over the past decade clearly have not come to close to their earlier work; and furthermore have not regained the foothold this band once had. I’ve always held on to Empire and play it on occasion when I feel like hearing “Jet City Woman” or “Best I Can”, that happens very rarely but for sentimental reasons I just can’t part with the album; it’s just a well produced album with great songs.

Recently I discovered that Queensryche is touring, however it is an “adult only” show; I guess you can read this two is that only gray haired 40 somethings would go, so yes, it would be “adults only”, or two, it is a risque show that is not appropriate for children under 17, well…which is it? It’s actually both. 

Clearly Queensryche’s fan base are more my generation, old farts that still think they are cool and think we are hip (c’mon, we listen to metal from the 80’s and tell our kids it’s still mainstream music…sadly, no it’s not!) but who cares as long our kids are not getting “Bieber Fever”, right?

I’m tossed about this caberet thing that Queensryche is doing, why not a regular rock show with some other bands from the 80’s, perhaps like White Lion, Whitesnake, Winger, or perhaps Slaughter (yes, all the band mentioned were cheezy but hey, they had their time in the spotlight rightfully and were cool at one time, don’t deny it!) but a caberet thing sounds like an MTV acoustic thing that seems far too staged and takes away from the mystique that made the band so unique and appealing. 

When I first heard that Queensryche was doing a caberet style show all I could think was that they were finally “jumping the shark”, and as most who know what this means…it basically puts the last nail in bands coffin.  It’s sad in some ways that these bands eventually fall from the greatness and popularity they once had, reduced to trying to recreate themselves and in the case of Queensryche, totally going in a wacky direction.  I think an acoustic tour and perhaps selling it as “an intimate night with Queensryche” would be far more appealing.  Ok, make it a dinner show and something that an adult audience of fans would appreciate and respect.  I think that something cozy with the band, perhaps a Q & A during of after the show would really be something unique and worthwhile.  Fans of bands from the 80’s would see the band as tangible and finally given the opportunity to make the connection they’ve always wanted; especially when they were teenagers.  I think having dinner with my wife listening to a mellow acoustic version of “Silent Lucidity” and then getting to ask Geoff Tate some questions about then and now would be awesome; don’t you?

Let’s see now they would rather feature go-go dancers and burlesque dancers (ok, hot girls and metal?  Sure that can work for me), contourtionist’s (ok, more hot girls that can get in many “unique” positions, that works), aerial acts ( huh? ok, I guess but why?), professional ballet dancers (uh, clearly not professional enough to get a gig with a reputable company eh? But perhaps their hot, so ok,  but boring I’m sure), jugglers? (yikes, Queensryche really is hitting rock bottom, but perhaps on second thought I should bring my 3-year old since he’ll be entertained;  I wonder if they will have free cotton candy and popcorn?), but drag queens ???? (ok, now I’m really avoiding your show, yuck!) 

So yes, they will be playing their slew of hits but also a bunch of “never before heard music”…so what!  I want hits only guys, your “never before released music” should have been released when you at the height of your career, 20 years later will seem more like filler music to draw out a longer show…snore.  A band from the 80’s releasing new music falls short of the mark and often fails to get the fans interest; most of us get bored really quick.  Sorry, Queensryche is not Zeppelin; if they released something never before heard I’m all ears…but Queensryche c’mon, please! You guys missed that train over a decade ago..

Yep, that is the featured performers at the Queensryche caberet performance and will cost you $30, sorry but I would rather catch another show or perhaps spend $10 on a few old used Queensryche cd’s at my local music store.  I’m not sure what they are thinking but it doesn’t appeal to me and seems cheezy, not cutting edge as they seem to be trying to be.  They sell the show as “art, lust, dancing and naughty fun” sounds more like an attempt to recreate themselves as a tool for “saving marriages” rather than remaining the band they use to be.  Sorry Queensryche, but this fan is not interested in your show on August 22 at Northern Lights (Clifton Parkm, NY).

I guess I would rather remember you guys when you just played your music in arena’s or small venues and connecting with your fan base, this caberet thing just is too much, sorry.

If you do go to this show please let us at HiFi Central what you thought and if it was worth the ticket price.  We are also curious about the set list.

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