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A HiFi Tech Geek Moment

Normally when you read this blog it doesn’t really go very deep in regard to technology or geeky computer stuff, with the exception of the random post about Rush.  Today, however, I felt compelled to post something a bit geeky, techy, and of course related to music. 

My wife finally gave me the green light on getting a new television after many months (if not years) of drooling at the latest technology.  I’m glad though that we waited until this time for two reasons: 1. LED / LCD technology and 2. very low prices.  I’m a rather frugal guy and when it comes to anything expensive I’m all about waiting to see what comes out next and ultimately waiting until it is no longer expensive (all things being relative).  I decided to get the Sony NX800 46″ LED wireless flat panel and could not be happier on so many levels.  Granted anything would be an improvement over our previous 15  year old 27″ Sony Wega (ground breaking for its time too, but now ancient history).

One of the main things that appealed to me was that it had a USB port so that I could either plug in my 500G portable hard drive or 8G flash drive for photos, movies, and of course music.  Well, truth be told it does play those things, but not all formats; something the salesperson at Best Buy promised it could do with no problem, clearly he doesn’t know his product as well as he thinks he does.

How does this tech talk relate to a blog about music, well, the issue is that the music stored on my flash drive is in a .wav (Waveform Audio File) format that most PC computers use in addition to other formats.  Well, Sony only likes MP3, so that means that much of my electronic music collection is unplayable on this system, bummer yes, end of the line? no.

For those of you that may need to convert .wav files to Mp3 often it has been a laborious process and somewhat complicated (especially if you are using converters like Winamp), luckily there is a very easy program that you can download for free and only takes seconds rather than minutes or hours to convert your exisiting music files.  The only drawback is that you cannot convert an entire file of mulitiple albums, you still must open the album file (press CNTL-A to highlight your entire track list rather than one song at a time), choose the destination file for your newly converted files, and click convert, viola!

If you have an Ipod you are in luck with Sony televisions; everything Apple  music files are all in MP3 file format so there are no issues with compatability.  Windows Media Player converts compact discs to either .wav or .wma formats, whether Sony plays .wma is yet to be seen.  I will try tonight and update this blog accordingly in the coming days.  I do not have my hopes up, and the thought of having to convert my entire digital library seems absurd in these times.

If you are interested in downloading a very easy to use .wav to Mp3 converter, click here.

I am also exploring the web for an easy to use .avi to mp4 converter for video; this Sony model also does not support .avi file formats.  If you have this Sony product, please feel free to comment about file formats you’ve found work and those that do not; not to mention any tricks you may have discovered along the way.

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