PHISH – Live Bait Vol. 13 FREE!

lb13-cover-artYes, whether you like something or not, “Free” is always good right?  Once again Phish has released another free download of live performance goodies, and this one does not disappoint…again!  So far the band has released 12 prior volumes in the Live Bait series for the masses which is incredibly generous, however, free for a limited time.

This release is called “Baker’s Dozen Edition” due to the 13 night run they will be starting on July 21 at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Usually before a summer tour the band has released a Live Bait in order to tempt the masses, and warmly received by us all who enjoy the band.

If you are unfamiliar with Phish and want to know what all the buzz is and why this band has survived for the past 25 years, these downloads are a great introduction to how talented these guys are and how much fun 3-hours of your life can actually be.  Don’t slight yourself and download this NOW!

You can access this download and the plethora of tons of past concerts (for a nominal fee) by going to LivePhish.com


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