Slightly Stoopid – Sweet SoCal-Ska-Reggae-Grooves

On all places I would least suspect to be enlightened about good music would be my digital radio station on my television, but low and behold channel 1263 (Reggae) enlightened me once again to a band I had never heard before.

I usually put on my television reggae station as background music when I’m washing dishes or preparing a meal after work, most of the channels music is mundane or nothing more then the usual overplayed Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, or Toots and Maytals hits.  Every once and awhile a gem might pop up such as some Burning Spear, Dennis Wilson, or Yellowman, but it’s truly rare to hear something new.

When I heard Slightly Stoopid’s song “2 a.m.” the first thing that came to mind was that it was some obscure Sublime or Long Beach All Stars track never before heard. That all so identifiable and unique SoCal groove was so sweet, however,  I could not place the song to save my life.  Why had I not heard about these guys before? That was the thought that resonated through my head over and over;  the more I listened the more I could not get over how good these guys really sound.  I had to jump on a torrent and grab some samples to see if these guys were for real and viola, yep, they are the real-e-o deal-e-o!

The torrent had user made “best-of” compiliations from their 8 albums; so my first introduction to the band was what others considered their best music.  I was able to obtain all of their albums and decide for myself how consistent their sound truly is; to their credit these guys have released solid albums without question.   Their first two albums – Slightly $toopid (1996) and Longest Barrel Ride (1998) are long out of print and highly desirable by collectors; they provide a rough and gritty base for the band with a mix of punk, hardcore, and reggae influences that may not fit everyone’s taste.  I feel the band cleary defined themselves and refined their sound with the album Everything You Need (2003); this album offers a number of solid songs and is worth picking up without question.

The band followed up that album with a mix of live and studio albums that, again, should not be overlooked.   Closer To The Sun (2005)  and Chronicitis (2007) are solid albums that stand on their own right with brilliant arrangments and incredible beats that are just so much fun to play over and over again; this band is easy to get addicted to listening to on a regular basis.  There music is a perfect background to an outside barbeque  party, or just playing in your car on an awesome summer day.

Check these guys out if you can and you will thank us here at HiFi!  The band is currently on tour and hitting some pretty sweet venues across the U.S., so check them out and see if they are coming to your city this summer. 

Click here to see tour dates.


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