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Live Bait Vol. 4 – free Phish download!

Released today on you can pick yourself up the newest Live Bait volume of hand picked live material direct from the source.  You will need to set up a free account in order to be eligible.

Check it out by going to


Bob Marley – 30 years gone today

Hard to believe, but 30 years ago today Bob Marley past away at the early age of 36! 

His passing was a tragic blow to music worldwide and his contributions are immeasurable in so many ways.  Granted there are many pioneers in the Reggae genre that are often overlooked, Marley seemed to be the most diverse, celebrated, and remembered of his generation. 

Bob Marley was introduced to me in my senior year of high school during art class; our teacher would allow us to put on our choice of music during our projects.  A classmate of mine (who now goes by the web name Ze Frank ) played Marley’s greatest hits album “Legend” over and over again, nearly every class.  An interesting thing about Marley is that no matter how much you play his music “ad nauseum ” rarely do I find myself urged to change the channel or turn it off; his music just has a consistent freshness and beat that remains truly timeless. 

My all time favorite studio albums are Catch a Fire (1973), Rastaman Vibration (1976).  As for live albums, the one and only Babylon by Bus (1978) is just ridiculous and must have in anyone’s collection. 

If you are in the mood for a day of Reggae and some reflection on how influential this man was in the world of good music, click here for Bob Marley Radio (it will require RealPlayer).

Happy 4:20 everyone in memory of Mr. Marley.


Coheed & Cambria Summer Tour 2011

I thought it blog worthy to post a brief announcement about an upcoming FREE Coheed and Cambria show in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn this June.  Apparently as a kind gesture by the band in celebration of a decade together they will rock the masses on June 11th on the Williamsburg waterfront, cool.

I’m sure this will become a massive event so it might be best to plan ahead eh?  When you announce a free show to be held within the confines of NYC it attract’s more than just a few curious passer by’s.

On another note, and one I found even more astounding than a free show, was that the band has announced that it will play a select number of dates along with Soundgarden, awesome!

Below are the dates for the shows in July where the two bands will be playing.

02 – Toronto, ON – Molson Canadian Amphitheater – On Sale Now
03 – London, ON – John Labatt Center – On sale 5/14
06 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena – On sale 5/13
08 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center – On sale 5/13
09 – Wantagh, NY – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater – On sale 5/13
10 – Mansfield, MA – Comcast Center for the Performing Arts – On sale 5/14

Tell us if you go to any of the shows or the Williamsburg gig, we’re curious!


Cinco de Mayo Radio – ole!

 We here at HiFi are grateful that our mailroom intern Candy was kind enough to pose for our Cinco de Mayo posting for this morning. 

If you are in the mood for some festive music on this exciting Mexican holiday, please click below for a nice selection of Mexican radio stations. 

Click here to enjoy the soothing sounds while you sip your Dos Equis (stay thirsty HiFi friends).


Obey Print Release part duex –

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of incredible artwork coming out of the Obey camp in the past two weeks.  For the third week in a row pop-artist Shepard Fairey is releaseing a killer series of music inspired prints that are a much larger format that his usual style. 

Over the past week he has released 6 massive images that have sold out in “record” time (no pun intended, really), getting one has been strictly luck I’m sure.  This weeks release of three images is no less impressive and in my opinion probably the best thus far.   I would be bummed personally if I bought any of the prints within the last two weeks since these trump those in style and impact.

These prints are expensive, around $500 per print and come in a limited edition of 50 (signed and hand numbered).  I wish I had the scratch to keep up and grab some each week, but looks like the wife has kyboshed any such impulsive urges until I get the remainder of my prints framed.  A bedroom of print tubes I’m sure is the reasoning, and I can’t argue my way out of that.

If you like this print check out the others at the release times of his prints are always random (I’ve found anywhere between  2:00 and 5:00 EST to be the most common), remember, Obey is on the West Coast time.  The release date for these prints is todayMay 5th, good luck!

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