Hockey Night DJ at HiFi?

Personally there is nothing more satisfying than going to a hockey game, eating a few hotdogs, downing a few cold beers and of course the entertaining score that plays during intermission.  Recently I was approached by one of the varsity hockey players at the prep school that I work at and was asked if I would DJ for their next rivalry. 

I thought about it for about 2 seconds and said that I would love to, but there was one problem; I don’t know if I had anything in my collection of music that would be geared towards hockey intermissions, warm up, penalities, etc.  Of course songs that came to mind initially were Van Halens “Hot For Teacher”, Rush’s “Freewill” and “Tom Sawyer”, and perhaps some Lamb of God, but I’m not sure I’m “with it” as the saying goes with the younger teenage hockey fan; actually I know that I’m not.

Well, after a few beers and some surfing on the web for hockey arena music I stumbled once again on a website that is the hockey DJ’s dream of downloadable Mp3 files that fit just about any genre of hockey game, whether old timers like myself or wee little Mites and Squirts hitting the ice for the first time.  The website is 2khockey.net and it has a well organized collection of both snippets for goals and brief time outs and also full length songs for quality filler.

Everything is free and you can preview the music before you download it; a good thing too since some of the songs do contain profanity and although you may not know it at the time, you certainly will get an ear full from the parent that will complain to who ever is above you, so be careful.  I’m excited to DJ at the next hockey game and see if I can make these kids feel as if they are playing in the NHL; and perhaps gain a bit of “street cred” for my new found coolness factor.

Check it out and have fun by clicking here.


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