Happy Birthday Alice Cooper

Although be todays standards his stage act is goofy and kooky, Alice Cooper was a visionary in mixing a gore and horror stage show with rock and roll.  When you see a GWAR show you can thank Alice Cooper as the father of that genre.

I’ve never been an Alice Cooper fan, I found his music entertaining but not anything worth purchasing.  I find it amusing when I look back in my high school days in the mid-80’s and how the local rock radio station would play “School’s Out Forever” on the last day of the public school calendar.  At the time I thought it was cool, but then again I thought Falco was as well.

Today Mr. Cooper turns 62 and is still rockin’ with his stageshow of gore and shock, he has often said he will retire when Mick Jagger does, he feels that since Sir Mick is 6 years older, he will not be out done by the elderly.  An interesting fact about Cooper, and very well known, was his long term battle with alchohol abuse.  After many years of sobriety he went on tour with Megadeth and once again saw the destruction that it created in musicians, in this case the self-destructive behavior of lead singer Dave Mustaine.  He took Mustaine under his wing and got him to enter sobriety, Mustaine today credits Cooper for saving his life , very cool.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Alice Cooper”

  1. 1 ericstraus
    February 4, 2011 at 6:50 PM

    Here’s the best thing Cooper ever did:

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