Spike Jonze Music Video Appreciation Post!

For no other reason than to have fun on a Friday, here are some of the best music videos ever made, courtesy of the great video/film director Spike Jonze.

The first is “California” by Wax, and it’s the first Jonze video I remember seeing. I’m not a big fan of the song, but the video is amazing…the end is pure genius.

The next one is very well known – it’s a great song made even better by Jonze’s 70’s cop show video. Unfortunately I could not find a version without an ad before it, sorry:

The next offering is an odd song by tat odd Icelandic nymph Bjork. And who better than to direct a video of an odd song by an odd artist? Spike Jonze of course:

The Pharcyde was a pretty cool group back in the 90’s, and Jonze puts his mark on this video of theirs…backwards!

This last one is more famous for the actor dancing in it than for the song itself. It’s all-around genius at work here:


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