Gerry Rafferty – RIP

Cleary a sad day in music for those of us fortunate enough to have knowledge of music from the 1970’s.  Rafferty is probably best known for the songs “Stuck In The Middle With You” performed by Stealers Wheel, a band of which Rafferty was a founding member, and solo work “Baker Street”; a song that just brings back so many memories growing up in the late seventies and early 80’s.  Much like Al Stewart’s  songs like “Time Passages” and “Year of The Cat”, it evokes a mood that is very hard to create today.

“Stuck In The Middle With You” was a huge  hit  that actually helped define the 70’s sound; it had such a strong Dylanesque sound and style that Dylan (even today) is often wrongly credited with the tune.

The song re-gained popularity in the early 90’s when it was used by director Quentin Tarantino in his cult classic “Resevior Dogs”.


1 Response to “Gerry Rafferty – RIP”

  1. 1 ericstraus
    January 5, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    I’d argue that Rafferty as an individual is best known for his sax-driven “Baker Street.” I love that song, and there was a Baker Street exit off the freeway I lived near in Orange County, and every time I’d pass it I’d have to hum the song.
    It converged nicely with my favorite TV show at the time, seen here (this video is weird, it starts with Lisa then jumps to a music video then back to the Simpsons episode):

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