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10 Free music for the masses

I wanted to inform the HiFi reading audience of a gem of a website that offers legitimate free downloads and high quality streaming audio of some of the best bands on the planet. is also (I think) closely releated to the people at, however, the variety of music that is offered on is just unbelievable.  The array of artists featured is quite extensive, although most of the music would fall under a similiar genre being that of “Jam Band” or “free form improvisational” with bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, Bruce Hornsby, Ratdog, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Jack Johnson, MMW, and many others featured.

You can download quite a large array of free shows from these artists, but if you would rather simply stream the show it is very easy (I use Windows Media Player) and the quality is fantastic so far from what I have listened to at this time.  As I type this blog entry I’m listening to a Yonder Mountain String Band show from a 2000 show at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma, CA, incredible!

If you visit the site look to the top right and you will see a link for “free stash”, from there you can browse an assortement of artists and shows in their entirety that you can download complete free from being prosecuted, cuz’ it’s totally legit and on the up and up!

If you love good music and either want to add to your collection or discover these artists beyond the studio albums please click here and enjoy!

Let us know here at HiFi Central what you think of this site and our suggestions.


News Flash: Morrison still doesn’t care!

I thought it was rather humorous that 40 years after being convicted of indecent exposure  and open profanity during a 1969 Miami concert , the long deceased Doors frontman Jim Morrison was exonorated of all charges today. Huh?

Clearly there is very little criminal case activity these days on the court’s docket in Florida eh?  I always find it goofy that people are exonorated posthumously as if it really matters.  And furthermore, for whom, Jim?  Jim Morrison didn’t consider what he did wrong, so for whom are you supposedly satisfying with  a pardon now?

Jim Morrison didn’t care then and I’m sure he wouldn’t care today.  The guy, like him or not, was a rebel and pushed the limits of free speech during a time of oversensativity and debate over obsenity.  Jim Morrison was the definition of rock and roll in so many ways; I’m sure by todays standards he would be considered rather mellow and far from contraversial. 

Morrison in retrospect paved the way for many of todays musicians to express their artistic message.  Although the pardon is a nice way to acknowledge something that was trivial and unfair to Morrison.  His widow said that her late husband would have ripped it up and even today defended his actions as his rightful freedom of artistic expression.

Man how times have changed!


HiFi for the Holidays!

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If you are so inclined to get your loved one something totally unexpected the holidays (and freely advertise our blog for zero royalties) please click here.  Oh, and thanks!


It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like…AWFUL

Call me Scrooge – McDuck or otherwise – if you must, but musically speaking, I hate hate HATE this time of year.  Nothing annoys me more than the same, crappy holiday music being blared in shopping malls, offices, and in people’s homes.  I think there might be two – three at the most – Christmas songs that I can tolerate for more than 2 minutes without blowing my brains out.  One is “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” as performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  It at least has a very rock n’ roll sound and Clarence Clemons’ saxophone.  The second, and it’s as overplayed as any, is Band Aid’s “Do They Know it’s Christmas?”  Part of my enjoyment of this song is the nostalgia factor – most of the artists on the record are ones that I was crazy about in 1984; Duran Duran, Wham!, Culture Club, U2, the Police, etc.  It’s not a completely “great” song (Bob Geldof recently said he thought it was the worst song of all time…and he wrote it!), but there’s a lot of passion behind the voices and it’s a good tune…way better than that “We Are the World” crap that followed the next year.  The third is Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.”  Sampling the horn-driven beat from Clarence Carter’s “Back Door Santa,” this is a funky fresh hip-hop holiday song that I haven’t gotten sick of yet.  “It’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens. Mom’s cookin’ chicken and collard greens.”  Classic.

Yes, there are some novelty songs that are fun to hear, like Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” or, um…well, I guess that’s the only one.

But other than those, it’s the same, tired Jingle Bell Rock, Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow, etc. over and over and over again.  And don’t give me that “Oh, but you should hear Taylor Swift’s version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas!”  Go to hell.  It’s the same crap.  The radio station that usually plays 60’s and 70’s pop hits switched to all holiday music before Thanksgiving!  If I was a DJ there the microphone would be caked with my splattered cranial matter.  Am I alone in my utter hatred for these cheesy cornball songs?  Hopefully not, though others’ vitriol may not be as strong as mine, I know.  Would I rather listen to holiday songs or Nickelback?  Oooh, tough one.  Both make me want to put a 2-inch drill bit in my ears and start drilling.  My idea for the worst thing ever invented in the history of the universe?  A Nickelback Christmas album.

Happy holidays everybody.


Live Phish Vol.3 Free download has released another incredible free album download on thier website this morning; this is the third installment of the Live Bait series (Live Bait. Vol.3). Last week I made HiFi readers aware that Volume 2 was available for download and then voila!  Another installment for the greedy masses looking for some fresh Phish to satisfy their auditory appetite.

The songs featured are from shows in 1991, 1993, and 1997.  All songs featured on this release,  are from Worcester, MA shows, 4 of them from the Worcester Centrum and the 91′ show from the Worcester Memorial Auditorium.  I was lucky to find an image of a ticket on Google from the 12/31/93 show for this entry, since 3 of the songs are from that very night, cool.

Songs featured on this free live album download:

Countdown/Auld Lang Syne >
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum –  Worcester, MA) 

Down With Disease Jam >
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum –  Worcester, MA)

Split Open And Melt
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum – Worcester,  MA)

Runaway Jim
(1997-11-29 Worcester Centrum – Worcester, MA) 

(1991-12-31 Worcester Memorial Auditorium “The New Aud” –  Worcester, MA)

If you have not had a chance to check out it is well worth the click; although this album is free and a few others are as well, for the diehard Phish fan looking for a specific concert and year the archives is rather substantial and you can find your exact show for a small fee depending on what format you choose to order (digital download or CD).  I was in Boston this past Thanksgiving weekend and stopped by my favorite music store (Newbury Comics); I was surprised with the assortment of LivePhish concert CD’s that were available, however I think it is far more economical to simply pay $12.00 for a digital download than $17.99 for a store bought CD. 

Check out and get your free download today and let us know what you think.

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