News Flash: Morrison still doesn’t care!

I thought it was rather humorous that 40 years after being convicted of indecent exposure  and open profanity during a 1969 Miami concert , the long deceased Doors frontman Jim Morrison was exonorated of all charges today. Huh?

Clearly there is very little criminal case activity these days on the court’s docket in Florida eh?  I always find it goofy that people are exonorated posthumously as if it really matters.  And furthermore, for whom, Jim?  Jim Morrison didn’t consider what he did wrong, so for whom are you supposedly satisfying with  a pardon now?

Jim Morrison didn’t care then and I’m sure he wouldn’t care today.  The guy, like him or not, was a rebel and pushed the limits of free speech during a time of oversensativity and debate over obsenity.  Jim Morrison was the definition of rock and roll in so many ways; I’m sure by todays standards he would be considered rather mellow and far from contraversial. 

Morrison in retrospect paved the way for many of todays musicians to express their artistic message.  Although the pardon is a nice way to acknowledge something that was trivial and unfair to Morrison.  His widow said that her late husband would have ripped it up and even today defended his actions as his rightful freedom of artistic expression.

Man how times have changed!


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