The Passing of Musical Mr. C

Here at HiFi Central we are in a state of mourning as are most 30, 40, and 50 somethings that heard the news today of the passing of Tom Bosley. 

The television show Happy Day’s was on every day after school when I was a kid at 4 pm; I never missed an episode.  There was something about that show that was so sappy, goofy, and the acting really sub-rate, however, it was an addictive masterpiece of 70’s programming.  Happy Days was the first time that I learned about Bill Haley and His Comets 1954 classic “Rock Around The Clock”, it was re-recorded in 1973 as a cover song for the shows opening. 

Looking back I appreciate the quick wit and clever timing one-liners of Mr. Cunningham played by Tom Bosley.  Although most people consider Arthur Fonzarelli the fixture of the show, underneath it all was the wisdom of Mr. Cunningham who dealt with the choatic household of a bird brained wife named Marion, a chronically crisis stricken daughter named Joni, and a clean cut naive American as apple pie son named Richie.  It was a classic show and one that will always cause me to stop my channel surfing and settle into watch a story line that was always predictable yet entertaining for some reason.

Most people do not realize that Bosley was in a 1959 Broadway musical called Fiorello based on the life of New York City mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia; Bosley played the main character and actually won a Tony Award for “Best Featured Actor in a Musical” in 1960.  You can buy the 1959 Original Broadway Cast on cd at Amazon.  I thought this little tid bit of information about Bosley was cool and up until today most likely a little known fact to many.

Mr. C I’m sure that there is a place for you in heaven and you will be greatly missed.

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