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Nashville Pussy – From Hell to Texas (2009)

As I’ve been posting over the past few months and enlightening the masses about newly announced summer tours of the bands we love I’ve left out one in particular that you really should catch if they come to a town near you; the one and only Nashville Pussy. 

Yes, the name does turn heads and especially so when someone walks mid-conversation (as they did in my office) and overhear you saying how much you are really “loving the new Pussy”; slightly awkward to say the least.  However, once you clarify that “Pussy” is a band and that they rock it’s all good.

A friend of mine let me borrow the newest release from Nashville Pussy entitled From Hell to Texas  and as usual, I like it alot.  The album is high energy and pure Southern rock n’ roll; but with the slight twist of raw garage band  that always creates a sound for the band of not too overproduced; more importantly easily replicated on the road.  This band is tight, I’ve seen them warm up for Reverend Horton Heat several times and it’s never a dull show, never!

The opening song Speed Machine is a great opener with plenty of energy and blistering guitar that gets your foot stomping; the signature Pussy sound starts right out of the gate.  The second song From Hell to Texas is fun and very Motorhead-esque; fast paced and gritty.  Songs like Drunk Driving Man and Lazy Jesus are fun and energetic, they mix up the album at the right times so that the songs don’t all seem to rely on the same recipe, although I’m so High brings us back down to the classic Pussy sound we know and love.  

Songs like Ain’t Your Business, Dead Men  Can’t Get Drunk, and Late Great USA are fun but after a while I found myself pressing the skip button to regain my interest in the album.  Luckily, the Pray For The Devil brings the album back to life, but then a nose dive occurs with song Why, Why, Why; this sounds like a bad cover of Once Bitten Twice Shy (yuck!); this song will cause you to shake your head in disbelief since it just is so bad.  In my humble opinion, it is just not a song that fits this album on any level; although I’m sure it’s a fun song to sing along to at a show.  The album ends with songs Stone Cold Down; this is a solid song to end the album with and gains some redemption for the band, but there are some dead spots in this album that are real stinkers, sorry Nashville Pussy.

To the bands credit, Nashville Pussy is much better live than on a plastic disc.  Their live shows are pure energy and they get the crowd involved so this is not a band that one should overlook.  The album is not a dud, but as with most albums you will find those songs that appeal to you and those that do not; please do not take my opinion as gospel.  The album is worth at least a few listens and I’m sure it will not take you long for their sound to grow on you, Pussy’s version of Southern rock is fun and easy learn to love.  Not to mention that if you are a guy, the lead guitarist Ruyter Cuys is rather fun too look at playing in her black or red satin bra; and hell, she can really play really well too!

Right now Nashville Pussy’s tour is limited to only the West Coast but I’m hoping they will make a trip to the Northeast sometime this summer or fall.  Do yourself a favor and go see these guys, they are a fun show and worth the ticket price.

Nashville Pussy’s From Hell to Texas gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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