a very “moving” rush tour!!!

Excuse my giddy excitement this morning, but I just found out that not only is one of my all-time favorite bands doing yet another tour this summer, but they will be playing one of their albums in its entirety each show.  The tour: The Time Machine Tour.  The album:  “Moving Pictures.”  The band:  RUSH.


Sorry, had to let that out.  Now as long-time Rush fans know, they do play a good deal of that album every time they tour; Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, YYZ and Limelight – all the songs on side one of the album – have been staples throughout the years.  The second side of the album, however, is relatively unheard in the past 25 years or so.  “The Camera Eye,” a 10-minute piece of musical craftsmanship (their last recorded song over 10 minutes long), hasn’t been played live since 1983.  “Witch Hunt,” which they actually did pull out for their Snakes and Arrows tours of 2007 & 2008, hadn’t been played live since 1989.  And “Vital Signs” has also been a rarity during the past 20 years.  But come this summer, all those songs will be played in order!  Now I’m sure there will be Rush snobs who will complain to the effect of, “Why are they playing their most mainstream album?  Why didn’t they decide to play ‘Hemispheres’ instead?”  I’ll admit, the same thought crossed my mind, albeit briefly.  But to those complainers I retort:  “Dude!  They’re going to play ‘The Camera Eye!’  Dude!!!”  Hopefully that gets my point across.  I’m ecstatic – check out www.rush.com for all the tour dates.

And a quick congrats to the band (mainly Neil Peart) for getting inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame!  Anyone who doubts that validity, just check out the lyrics to “Subdivisions” and “Witch Hunt” and tell me it’s not poetry that still rings true today.


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