no rest for “rust in peace”

To put it simply, Megadeth’s “Rust in Peace” is one of the greatest metal albums ever recorded.  Any fan of metal music cannot deny this.  It also unfortunately marks the last good album Megadeth released, but hey, if you’re going to take a turn for the worse, might as well go out with a bang.  It’s been 20 years since “Rust in Peace” was unleashed, and to commemorate the event, Megadeth is doing a spring tour where they will play the entire album at each show!  I’m bummed they aren’t coming to my area, but they will be here in August on the American Carnage Tour with Slayer (rescheduled from this month), so maybe they’ll still play a lot from the album then.  Testament, also part of the American Carnage Tour, is opening for Megadeth on their spring tour, along with old-school thrashers Exodus (Metallica’s Kirk Hammett was Exodus’ original guitarist, if you didn’t know).  Testament has been around almost as long as Megadeth, Slayer and other thrash metal pioneers, but have not gotten as popular as their cohorts.  But among metal music circles they are well respected, and deservedly so.  And they will be playing their first album, 1987’s “The Legacy” in its entirety when they open for Megadeth this spring.  It’s a great album, although not nearly as landmark and awesome as their second release “The New Order.”  But what a killer show – the entire “Legacy” album followed by “Rust in Peace!”  Here are the dates – hope you can catch it.  And if you do, let us know how it was!


2 Responses to “no rest for “rust in peace””

  1. 1 kevin
    March 3, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Yes. Rust in Peace was like my second or third heavy metal album that I ever bought. I think Master of Puppets was first. Anyways, I loved it so very much, and I can even remember the smell of the tape cover. (Had that semi-sweet smell that some tapes have… not sure what it is. Probably toxic.) I didn’t know anything about Megadeth but they seemed scary and awesome, so I bought the album and listened to the shit out of it. Actually, now that I think of it, what happened was that I saw a video for Holy Wars on Headbangers Ball, then I decided I had to have it. When I first started to listen to metal, I only knew a couple bands, because virtually no one around me had any albums, and they didn’t play any metal on the radio. So, usually what happened was I would just buy tapes randomly, not knowing which albums were good and which were bad. Rust in Peace became one of my favorites, along with Testament’s Practice What You Preach, Metallica’s trinity (Lightning, MoP, Justice)… then I tried Iron Maiden on for size, and a bunch of other stuff. This was all pre-internet so basically I bought albums that had cool covers or had songs that I heard on Headbangers Ball… that’s how I got into Slayer, too. Saw Seasons in the Abyss on Headbangers Ball.

    • 2 ericstraus
      March 3, 2010 at 11:24 PM

      Headbanger’s Ball was definitely a vehicle for discovering new music…Sepultura’s Dead Embryonic Cells comes to mind…
      I had never heard an Iron Maiden song before 1989, but thought I should get some, and I saw a couple of tapes at Moby Disc in Sherman Oaks…I asked the clerk which he would recommend for a Maiden newbie…I ended up with Somewhere in Time, which then led me to buy all their other stuff.
      You should go down to Hollywood on the 31st to see this Megadeth show…you still have friends down there?

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