The Egg Performance Center (Albany, NY) – Your Lame!

So get this; I purchased two tickets for the January Al Dimeola concert back in AUGUST thinking I would get the best seats possible if I acted early.  According to The Egg (the venue) the first 4 rows were “reserved” for Egg members exclusively and all other seats would be open to the public.  So, I purchased my seats and was able to get 5th row for the show, lucky me I thought.  As the months have passed I have checked the website periodically to see what seats were left, about a week ago it appeared the show was nearly sold out since the last row of seats was all that was available.

This morning I decided to check The Egg’s website and discovered that FRONT ROW seats are  now available!  This is the most lame policy I have ever heard.  Shame on The Egg for rewarding those who purchase their tickets last minute getting the best seats.  I’m pissed and now am slightly bitter about going to this show.  I don’t hold Al DiMeola responsible, but I do hold The Egg for screwing his fans over in this way.

I’m sure the show will be great and yes, my 5th row tickets are still very good, but they could be better. Screw you EGG!


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