Superdrag – Last Call for Vitriol (2002)

Superdrag - Last Call for VitriolUpon reflection of my recent review of Superdrag’s newest release Industry Giants (2009) I felt compelled to perhaps go back into my CD vault and re-listen to an album they released in 2002 entitled Last Call for Vitriol which upon second and third listens (after I blew the dust off) is a really good album.  So, yes, perhaps I will take back some of my harsh critique and replace with it with some praise.  

Last Call for Vitriol is a solid album but if you are looking for an album of non-stop rock and intensity this is not it.  Last Call for Vitriol is more of an amalgum of both hard rock and mellow ballads.  The best songs on the album clearly are songs #2 and #3.  Song #2 (I Can’t Wait) and song #3 (The Staggering Genius, quite possibly the best song I’ve heard from them since Sucked Out) are powerful and intense, great songs that anyone would want to see played live.  In addition, they are also songs that the listener wants to hear more of, but sadly Superdrag  immediately lose pace and the listener is left with with an album of calm, mellow songs that forced one to push the button for the next song always longing to hear where the album picks back up; it never does.  For me, the album just never regains my interest after those two songs. 

Click here to listen to a sample of The Staggering Genius

Does that mean that the songs afterwards are duds, no, they are actually very good and reflect just how good John Davis is as a song writer, but for those of us looking for an “in your face” rock album with song after song of blistering power chords that make Superdrag fun to listen to, it fails to satisfy. 

This album was actually rather successful for the band and perhaps one of their closest since Regretfully Yours (1996) to make it to mainstream college radio.  My advice with todays access to purchasing music online is save yourself the money of buying the album used for $7.00 and spend $2.00 on just those two songs.  You should be happy with your purchase I’m sure.  And that is the thing about Superdrag, you can always pick one or two songs from each album that you really like. I can only imagine if they just were to produce one solid album of these songs, it would be incredible.

If you download these songs, tell us what you think!


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