Tribute Bands? Do we need them?

dumb_tattooFirst all whoever would get this tattoo needs to find a better way to spend their money, and second of all I’m sure it got your attention.  I was noticing that a Zeppelin tribute band is making their rounds on a U.S. Tour and wonder if anyone has ever seen any tribute band for that matter; furthermore, if you would recommend spending the money?

I went to check out the website of Hammer of the Gods, who is appearently THE Zeppelin cover band currently.  Back in my day Physical Graffiti was the Zeppelin reincarnation; I don’t know if they are even around anymore.

I must admit that it’s crazy how much Hammer of the Gods as pulled themselves off (that doesn’t sound right) to look like Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonzo.  But you can’t call yourself a tribute band unless you go all the way, right?  I notice that tribute bands don’t like to compare themselves as impersonators, “tribute band” is far more acceptable..and perhaps respectable.  Whatever your opinion is about tribute bands, they do fill a need for the publics insatiable appetite to see the bands they either never got to see, or simply don’t want to let go.  I wonder if tribute bands have groupies?

To their credit, Hammer of the Gods do have a sample radio applet on the website so that you can hear their cover tunes, and they are actually not too bad.  These guys seem to have their Zeppelin down, no easy feat I’m sure.

I did notice that they were coming to play in my city, but the ticket prices are $40.00  yikes!  I think Zeppelin in their heyday never even got that at their shows.  Personally, if tribute bands want to bring me back to the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s also recreate the cheap ticket prices too.


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