Al Dimeola 2010 US Concert Dates Announced

1MPISCH_7786993_Al_DI_MEOLA 7786993For all of you who have ever wanted to see Al in person now is your chance. Al’s website has recently posted some U.S. dates. He’s coming to The Egg in Albany, NY on January 30, 2010 per his website, yet the box office at The Egg has not confirmed this as of yet which I find troubling.  So let me get this straight, the artist knows where he will be yet the venue does not? According to The Egg box office they assume that the date is indeed valid but but agent negotiations are on going to make the date official? Huh? 

Sorry Boston..no dates determined yet.

Tickets for Al sell out in no time, so get yours since they are going on sale in a couple of days.  Currently tickets are only available for “Egg Members” and they get the best seats..lame-o!

UPDATE!  Tickets are now available to the general public at several venues! I gots mine…get yers!

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