Supergrass: Road to Rouen(2005)

Road the Rouen Not familiar with Supergrass? You need to be and quickly; this band has been on a roll for over a decade and each album they release allows the listener to fall deeper and deeper into the addictive abyss of their musical creativity.  “Road to Rouen” (2005) is a favorite in my music collection, although not my sole favorite album by Supergrass, it is one I find myself being drawn to time and time again.  Supergrass is from the same genre of britpop bands like Oasis and Radiohead, however they differ in their popularity, Supergrass is popular but in certain circles and rarely is their music played on mainstream media.  The college crowd tends to support their success and their concerts are often random and scattered. 

Supergrass released a collection a called “Supergrass is 10” (2004) that is a fantastic compliation of their more popular songs between 1994 through 2004., “Supergrass is 10” is an excellent album to introduce a listener about Supergrass and their evolution of defining themselves musically and as a band. 

If you can, try to find the double disc set  (which is somewhat rare); the second disc is a live album which really allows one to appreciate who these guys are and what they are about.  “Kiss of Life” being one of the more incredible tracks on the disc, along with “Moving”.

Supergrass has followed “Road to Rouen” with a newly released album called “Diamond Hoo-Ha” (2008) and a review will be found on this site in the coming months. “Road to Rouen” for me gets a 4.5 out of 5.   


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